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Roofing Torch Kits

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Igniter Roofing Torch Kit

Igniter Roofing Torch Kit 

Part No. KP-414M-H

This torch kit can be used for roofing, heating, drying, weed buring and many
other applications that require large volumes of heat.

Torch has an adjustable pilot flame and with the squeeze of the lever
delivers a full 3 ft. flame.  

Includes Multi-use Torch with:

  • Push button piezo ignition
  • Powerful 500,00 BTU flame
  • High pressure lever and pilot flame
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Swivel hose connection
  • Sturdy torch stand

AP-140M  Propane torch, 26" total length w/ piezo igniter
HEF-25      Hose 25 ft
EP-80G     Regulator w/ POL inlet & 9/16-18 "B" outlet onnection