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Feather Flame Kits "Screw-in Style"

Feather Flame Kits "Screw-in Style" 

Acet-O-Lite™ Feather Flame kits and tips

These kits include our most economically price air-acetylene tips. 
Their design makes them inexpensive while still producing excellent flame characteristics.

  • Pencil Point/Feather Flame
  • Adjustable flame feature
  • Tips have a filter and removable orifice
  • Heavy-duty UL listed regulator

Kit No.  Tip No. Reg. Fitting
KA-1H (shown) BA-3 "B" Cylinder
KA-2H BA-3 "MC" Cylinder
KA-31* BA-2,BA-3,BA-4 "B" Cylinder
KA-32* BA-2,BA-3,BA-4 "MC" Cylinder
KA-37H* BA-4 "B" Cylinder
KA-38H* BA-4 "MC" Cylinder
Contents: HA3-12 hose, regulator, AA-1 handle, MP-1 lighter and MA-2 wrench
*These kits DO NOT include lighter.

Tip No Tip Size Soft Solder
BA-1 1/16" 1/16"-1/8"
BA-2 1/8" 1/8"-1/4"
BA-3 3/16" 1/4"-1/2"
BA-4 1/4" 1/2"-1"
BA-5 5/16" 1"-1 ½"
 BA-6 7/16" 2"-4"