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Propane/Propylene Kits "Screw-in Style"

Propane/Propylene Kits "Screw-in Style" 

Propane kits with pencil and brush tips

Kits contain a complete selection of high quality soldering and heating equipment
Includes AP-1 handle, EP-70G regulator, MP-1 lighter and HEF-10 hose and tip listed.
  • Quiet, adjustable brush flame
  •  Screw-in design fits Goss AP-1 handle
Kit No.  Tip No.
KP-102 BP-2
KP-105 (Shown) BP-5

Tip No.  Flame Diameter Soft Solder BTU's @ 40psi
BP-1 Pencil 5/8"  To 1/2" 6,000
BP-2 Pencil 1" To 1-1/2" 11,000
BP-3 Brush 7/8" To 2" 14,000
BP-4 Brush 1-1/8" To 3" 43,000
BP-5 Brush 1-3/8" To 4" 57,000
BP-6 Brush 2" To 6" 300,000

Target® Propane/Propylene kits and tips

Screw-in style ktis feature the very hot, compact Target Tips.
Includes AP-1 handle, EP-45G regulator, MP-1 lighter and HP3-12 hose and tip listed
  • Hotter Turbine flame
  • Screw-in design fits Goss AP-1 handle

Kit No.  Tip No.
KP-115 (Shown) BP-15PM
KP-115L* BP-15PML*
KP-117 BP-17PM
*Instant igniter

Tip No.  Flame Diamter Soft Solder Silver Braze
BP-13PM 7/16" To 1" 1/2"
BP-15PM 1/2" To 1-1/2" 3/4"
BP-15PML* 1/2" To 1-1/2" 3/4"
BP-17PM 3/4" To 2-1/2" 1-1/2"
*Instant igniter