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Torch-Gun™ Kits

Torch-Gun™ Kits 

Part No. GX-10K   

Professional duty Torch-Gun™ includes
trigger ignition and is great for soldering,
brazing, and general heating applications.

  • Hotter turbine flame heats parts faster
  • Instant Ignition Trigger
  • Flame Adjustment Valve
  • Flame Lock Button
  • Built-In Hose Swivel
  • Hose connection "B", 9/16-18 LH fitting

For use with Propane and Mapp style Propylene Fuels Only

Soft solder Silver Brazing
1/4" to 3-1/2" 1/4" to 1-1/4"
* Measured using Mapp-Style gas

Part No. Contents Cylinder Regulator
GX-10K: GX-1, Torch
GX-C, Belt Clip
HP3-5, Hose
GX-R, Regulator for 1LB. Disposable Cylinders CGA-600
GX-20K: GX-1, Torch
HP3-12, Hose
EP-45G, Regulator for Refillable Cylinders CGA-510