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High Pressure Propane Regulators

High Pressure Propane Regulators 
EP Series
  • Use only with vapor withdrawal cylinders
  • All brass regulators used with propane torches and furnaces
  • Adjustable pressure from 5 to 60 PSI.  
  • UL listed with POL inlet spud and nut, 1/4" NPT openings
    and 9/16-18 LH hose outlet.

Part No. EP-70G (shown)  
  • Has 0 to 60 PSI outlet pressure gauge for propane gas.
Part No. XP-234
  • Same as EP-70G, with dust cap and heavy duty inlet nut for propane gas.

Part No. EP-80G (shown)
  • Has 0 to 70 PSI outlet pressure without gauge for propane gas.
Part No. EP-45G  
  • Same as EP-80G but for use with proplyene and propane.